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Singapore Badges

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You Can Only Earn These in Singapore!

Since 1988, USA Girl Scouts in Singapore have been able to work on two patches unique to Singapore. The object of earning these patches is to help you become more aware of the aspects of living in Singapore. Most importantly, working on the patch(es) will help you see Singapore as a fun and interesting place to live! Registered Girl Scouts and their families (parents and siblings) will have fun earning the Singapore Discoverer Patch and the Singapore Expert Patch. To learn more, check out the Singapore Discoverer & Expert Patch Requirements.


The new Explore Singapore for Visitors patch is for USA Girl Scouts and their families to complete when they are in Singapore. By working through the badge, Girl Scouts will learn about Singapore's history, sample different local foods, and explore important landmarks. To find out more about the requirements and details, check out Explore Singapore for Visitors Patch Requirements.


The new My Home, Singapore patch is for Girl Scouts Cadettes and up who are new to Singapore, designed by Georga, a Gold Award Girl Scout from Singapore. This patch builds a foundation for stronger social and emotional intelligence and confidence, and builds self-confidence and adaptability. To read more about the patch and the things your Girl Scout will learn, check out the

My Home, Singapore Patch Requirements. To receive the patch, please email the Patches and Pins coordinator at and submit a payment of SG$5 to

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