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Payment Policy

Girl Scouts (Singapore) is a non-profit organization registered in Singapore (ROS UEN: T04SS0267A) which collects payments for various events, membership dues, donations and other services it provides. As proper collection and accounting of funds is required for ongoing operations and compliance with Singapore regulations, we have published this Payments Policy for our members and other persons making payments to the organization.


Payment Types Accepted

Girl Scouts (Singapore) will only accept payments made in Singapore Dollars (SGD) via one the following methods. No foreign currencies are accepted.​

  • PayPal

  • Financial Aid

Mention the Girl Scout's name and Troop number for payments.

PayPal Payments

Girl Scouts (Singapore) makes every effort to provide automatic links to PayPal for payment of fees for activities that require ‘online registration’ (e.g. membership fees, event fees). All payments must be made in Singapore Dollars (SGD) and all related fees (i.e. bank charges, foreign currency exchange fees, etc.) are the responsibility of the payee.


Girl Scouts (Singapore) can also accept direct PayPal payments under the following account:


You can also send ‘quick payments’ via PayPal by typing the following URL into your browser,<##>, and simply replace the <##> with the amount you want to send in SGD.

For example,, will send a $110 SGD payment directly to Girl Scouts (Singapore).


Financial Aid

Financial aid is available for qualifying families. Arrangements must be made on a per-incident basis by contacting the Executive Committee Chair prior to the payment due date.


Late Payments

If Event Registration fees are not paid in full by the published due date, payment shall be considered late and the Event Registration for the Girl Scout will be cancelled.


If Membership Fees are not paid in full by the published due date, payment shall be considered late and the Girl Scout will be dropped from the Sign Up Roster and will not be assigned to a Troop.


Payments shall be considered late in the following cases:

PayPal: If the transaction is contested, the credit card is declined or any other technical issue occurs that is the fault of the payee and the full amount due is not received via an alternate method prior on or before the due date.


MRU: 28-Mar-2023

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