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Special Awards

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Girls and adult volunteers can go beyond the traditional badges to earn special awards, exploring their passions. 


These special recognitions and awards can include Journeys (an in-depth study into a specific topic) or a special award earned while living overseas or one of our Highest Awards, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Some of these awards are earned as a troop, a team or as an individual.


Girl Scouts' highest awards are designed to help your daughter and her team make a lasting difference in your community. You'll find that your daughter grows into her best self. She'll become more focused, a better time manager, and a more effective team player. She'll grow in confidence. Inspire others. And set the stage for a lifetime of achievement. Girl Scouts makes the world smaller and the girl bigger.


Check out the map of the highest awards our own Girl Scouts in Singapore have completed.


Volunteers are also recognized with adult awards for the amazing contributions they make over the years. 

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