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International Friendship Award

International Friendship Award

The International Friendship Pin (IFP) is a special adventure-in-friendship project for Daisies – Ambassador Girl Scouts who are living overseas and participating in a USA Girl Scouts Overseas troop. Its purpose is to encourage USA Girl Scouts to take advantage of their unique opportunities for international friendship while they are living outside of the United States.

The IFP can be earned as a troop activity or can be organized as fun overseas committee series event. There are seven requirements and the girls will complete each activity under the steps while exploring their host nation community.

Sample Exploration Steps:

Make new friends with persons of your host country
Learn about your host country and people through its customs and culture.
Learn about your host country and its people through its language
Learn about your host country through its history and geography.
Help people of your host country understand us and our country.
Learn about the Girl Scout/ Girl Guiding movement in your host country.
Put into action a Girl Scout's duty to be useful and help in a country other than her own.

Award Requirements
International Friendship Pin Requirements

Placement on Uniform
Once earned the pin can be purchased from your local Girl Scout shop. The pin is worn on the right-hand side of the uniform, on a level with the membership pin or on the badge sash in the area just below the membership stars. The pin may be earned once in each country, but only one pin is worn on the uniform.

For questions regarding the International Friendship Pin contact your Overseas Committee Chair or local Lead Advisor.

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