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Giving back is a cornerstone of Girl Scouting, and the girls in Singapore truly take this to heart. Below is just a small sampling of some of the amazing community service projects done by Troops and individuals in USAGSO-Singapore.

Teaching Animal Conservation

Daisy Troop 80 collected needed materials for ACRES. After their visit to ACRES, they were so motivated that each girl created a presentation on animal welfare and shared it with their individual classes.

Take Me Instead

Daisy Troop 80 collected used crayons at Kite Day and Father Daughter Dance. They then melted them and molded them into sea creature shapes. They were then placed at the gallery on St. John's Island with a sign that read, "Take Me Instead," encouraging visitors to leave behind the real sea life.

Plastic Bag Awareness

Junior Troop 83 created an awareness campaign about plastic bag use at a local hardware store. They made posters, a collection box and iMovie.

Sharing Hygiene

Cadette Troop 63 organized a beauty parlour at the Singapore American's School County Fair. They used the $270 they raised to buy personal hygiene items which they distributed to 100 girls through Empower Dar Ul Ehsan.

Helping the Animals

Daisy Troop 60 raised $250 at a bake sale which they donated to ACRES to stop illegal wildlife trade. The girls also spoke to their friends and pledged not to go to the animal circus.

Teaching Recycling

Junior Troop 48 produced a video called "Great Green News" aimed at teaching and raising awareness about energy efficiency.

Saving the Planet

Girls in Junior Troop 34 made paper bags for the SAS food provider (Mr. Hoe) to use rather than plastic bags. The troop also collected plastic bags and used them to make sit-upons for younger children.

Teaching Anti-Bullying

Cadette Troop 17 wrote and performed a skit for younger Girl Scouts all about how people should and should not be treated at school. The skit taught girls good relationship skills.

Well for Cambodian Village

Troops at SAS worked together and held a bake sale. The money raised went to buy a well for a village in Cambodia.

Donations to the ASPCA

Brownie Troop 16 collected donations at the Father Daughter Dance. They then visited the SPCA with their food and financial donations.

Junior Journey-in-a-Day

While working on their aMuse Journey about self-esteem, the girls collected clothes for Movement for the Intellectually Disabled  of Singapore (MINDS). The clothes were sold at their shop to raise money for the organization. 

Brownie Journey-in-a-Day

Girls came together to work on the Brownie Quest Journey and raised money to help feed and clothe low-income children.

Bringing Joy to Seniors

Troop 48's Take Action project aimed to serve the community and make the world a better place. They decided to bring some joy  to a senior activity center through activities. During their first meeting of preparation, they decided to sing three songs (“Burung Kaka Tua,” ”Chou Dou Fu,” and “Because It’s Singapore “) andteach the seniors how to make a mini fairy garden. Over the week, the troop individually practiced the three songs at home. They  also purchased the things needed for the mini fairy gardens, careful to stay within their budget using the money they earned from a bake sale. The girls were very excited when they arrived at the center and all said it was much more fun than they thought it would be. 

Terry Fox Run

Troop 16 participated in the Terry Fox Run, an annual event held in March to raise money for cancer awareness.

​Supply Drive

Troop 82 held a supply drive at Overnight Camp for things ACRES wildlife sanctuary needs to keep running.

​Brightening a Day

Four Girl Scout troops including Daisy Troop 95 and Junior Troop 82 made several dozen holiday-themed place mats for the residents of The Salvation Army Peacehaven Nursing Home. 

​Book Drive

Troop 66 held a big book drive which also including sorting them afterwards. 

​Power Shower

Girls challenged school mates for 30 Days, to take a  5-minute, Power Shower Challenge: 61 students signed up for the challenge, potentially saving 43,920 liters of water in one month

Animal Friendly

The girls presented information they put together about what they learned at the SPCA, teaching their friends how to better care for our four-legged friends.

Book Drive

More than 80 Brownies held a book drive while working on a Journey called World of Girls.

​Putting Down Roots

During this Journey Gemma learned about herself, her values and the importance of the team. She improved community by donating plants to citizens. 


Elizabeth, Mia and Bianca earned this award by learning about the importance of water, water treatment and different ways water can be used. They protected the water by cleaning the beach and making sure the garbage doesn't affect its flora and fauna. Finally, they each made a different promise to keep water clean and share that with people around them. 

​Wellness Fair

Girl Scout Troop 56 sold ice cream and water during the The Winstedt School Health and Wellness Fair to earn money for their troop. The Girl Scout troop decided to donate the money to the school for playground and library support. 

Thanks to Daisy, Alexa, Sarah, Ella, Shantani, Ottilia, Riya, Nada, Alice, Ciara, Emma, Joyce, Karen!

​Wild About Cats

Gemma learned how to care for herself and animals, both those in the nature and pets at home. For her take action award she has visited wild Cats on the St. John's Island and bought food for them with money she raised through bake sale.

​Lucky Dogs

Girl Scout Troop 16, a group of seven eight-year-old girls (Grade 2 students at Singapore American School), has been learning about ways that girls have made changes in their communities. The troop decided that they wanted to make a change in the story for cats and dogs that do not have a home in Singapore. They decorated a box then promoted the cause to the Girl Scout community. At the Girl Scouts’ Father Daughter Dance, the girls collected $100 as well as donations of cat and dog food. The troop will deliver the cash and food donations to the SPCA.

​Special Thanksgiving

Sofia of Girl Scouts Troop 16 and her mom started their Thanksgiving celebrations by volunteering at Willing Hearts soup kitchen.


Girl Scouts from Troop 16 handed over food and monetary donations during a tour of the SPCA. The funds raised were matched by AAS, through the 100 Acts of Charity initiative.

​Beach Clean Up

Nine troops and more than 60 girls participated in a Beach Clean Up in the East Coast Park.

Peacehaven Nursing Home

Girl Scout troop 62 ran the Cookie Decorating station at the Stamford American International School Christmas Festival. The cookies were donated by the American Club and the proceeds went to the Peacehaven Nursing Home (run by The Salvation Army) to develop their garden. To contact the nursing home, email Programme Executive of PNH, Jim Teo.

Christmas Shoeboxes for Block 26

Girl Scout Troop 62 led a door-to-door distribution of Christmas Shoe box Donations at Beyond Social Services, Block 26 Jalan Klinik and the Bukit Ho Swee HDB Housing Estate 

Hort Park

The girls earned this journey by learning about themselves, their family, school, community and world around them. They gave back to the community by planting and donating plants to citizens during Gardeners Day Out at Hort Park.

The Windstedt School

The Winstedt School Girl Scout Troop 56 made unicorn poop (marshmallows), and pins to sell at a school function to earn money. They chose to donate the money to help a friend in need (Team N).

Thanks to Daisy, Alexa, Sarah, Ella, Shantani, Ottilia, Riya, Nada, Alice, Ciara, Emma, Joyce, Karen!

Willing Hearts

USA Girl Scouts Overseas Cadette Troop 63 volunteered at Willing Hearts on Vesak Day as part of the troop's voluntary service to the Singapore community . The girls helped to prepare vegetables for the next day's meals.

​St. John's Home for the Elderly

USA Girl Scout Overseas Daisy Troop 69 raised money through a cookie sale to donate to St. John's Home for the Elderly. The troop also visited the home in person and made drawings with some of the residents. Great job Daisies!

​Feeding the Poor

USA Girl Scouts Overseas (Singapore) Brownie Troop 82 spent a morning helping prepare food at Willing Hearts for 5,000 needy in Singapore. The girls ages 8-10 peeled a LOT of potatoes and learned all about how to pick out the best kai lan for prep. The girls also listened to a talk by the organization's founder and worked on their Philanthropy Badge, learning how to give back in a variety of ways. Way to go girls!

​Hort Park

USA Girl Scouts Overseas Singapore Troop 81 planted and prepared plants that were donated to Singapore citizens during Gardener's Day Out at Hort Park.

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