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2017 Awards Ceremony Recap

On 22-May-2017 USAGSO-Singapore held its annual Awards & Closing Ceremony at SAS. One again we had a great crowd, fantastic guest speakers, lots of awards and tons of fun.

The program kicked off with our guest speaker, Stephanie Syptak-Ramnath (US Embassy Charge d’Affairs) who also brought along four women to speak about their careers: Dr. Pae Wu (Materials Scientist), Lt. Commander Barbara Jonas (Navy Officer), Lt. Rebecca Pavlicek (Fencing Athlete) and Jennifer Lucero (Fire Fighter). All had inspiring stories and sage advice to offer the Girl Scouts in the audience.

The program then moved on to the awards, and this year was truly exceptional in terms of the number of girls and adults earning recognition. For Girl Scouts awards and recognition:

  • Fourteen troops earned the Honor Troop badge

  • All nine Girl Scouts in Daisy Troop 12 completed their Singapore Discoverer badge

  • Two Girl Scout Cadettes earned all three Leader in Action (LIA) badges

  • Thirty Girl Scouts earned the Summit Award for completing all three Journeys at their level

  • A total of thirty-three Girl Scouts in Troop 14, Troop 17 and Troop 48 earned their Bronze Award

  • Renee D. and Caitlyn H. received their Silver Award

  • Jaclyn C. and Roopal K. received their Gold Award

  • Hanna C. gave a short speech about receiving the 2016 National Young Women of Distinction Award

  • And many, many Girl Scouts bridged up to the next level:

  • Thirty-one from Daisy to Brownie

  • Fifty-four from Brownie to Junior

  • Thirty-two from Junior to Cadette

  • Four from Cadette to Senior

  • Five from Senior to Ambassador

  • Six from Ambassador to Adult Member

We also had several local and USAGSO Adult Awards this year:

  • Sixteen Troop Leaders and Parents were nominated as “Awesome Volunteers” by our members

  • Sabrina Lim received the Volunteer of Excellence Award

  • Gretchen Hearn and Melinda Murphy Hiemstra received the Appreciation Pin

  • Alicia Mirabelli received the Honor Pin

  • And Carol Demaio and Nanci-Beth-Routhier received the Thanks Badge

And finally, the USAGSO-Singapore was one of only three Overseas Committee organizations to receive the President’s Award this year. This award is given to teams that exemplify the goals of USAGSO in delivering the Girl Scout Leadership experience and are recognized as examples for all other overseas organizations to follow.

Congratulations and thanks to everyone, Girl Scouts, parents, Troop Leaders and Committee Members alike, for another excellent year. See you next year!

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