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We understand that this is an uncertain and stressful time for those in our Girl Scout Community: for the leaders, parents and children. In order to help those that might be feeling overwhelmed, we have put together some helpful resources such as apps, articles and outreach centers that may be helpful during the Covid-19 situation. We hope that these resources will be useful to you and your family.


For those who are looking for activities for their girls, please take a look at Resources to Keep your Girls Entertained During Covid-19 to see some suggestions made by our Girl Scout Community.


If you have any other suggestions or feedback, please reach out to the

Practicing social distancing is difficult -- you cannot leave your home and socialise with those in your community. Luckily, many mental health apps have made their services free during this time! Take advantage of this and look through the apps listed below!​


  • University of California, San Francisco has an awesome list of apps that are designed to improve wellness and mental health during COVID-19.

  • Calm a mindfulness mediation app.

  • InsightTimer an app for sleep, anxiety and stress.

  • Wakeout has over 300 exercises for you to do everywhere and anywhere -- including your home!

  • Youper is an AI assistant that can help you take control of your mental health.

  • Moodpath can help if you are struggling with depression or anxiety by guiding you to emotional wellbeing.

  • Wysa features an AI chat, and tool packs for anxiety, and isolation support -- all of which are free right now.

  • Happify can help you overcome negative thoughts, stress, and life’s challenges.

  • TheWorkout.Today sends three workouts a week plus a yoga video to its subscribers.

  • The 7 Minute Workout is run by Johnson and Johnson and features 72 exercises and 22 workouts that are fully customizable.

Apps aren't your thing? Check out these links!

Mental Health:

Physical Health:

Online Exercise Classes:

Nutrition Resources:

Tips for Working From Home:

Your Kid's Wellbeing:

Tips for Studying From Home:

Learn Something New:

Professional Assistance:

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